I am an amateur photographer based in Toronto.  I became obsessed with photography almost 50 years ago as a means to document a growing family and record our memorable holidays.   It was a time when black and white was king, Ansel Adam was becoming a household name, and photography was just coming of age.  
More than a muse, photography became a playground to learn, explore possibilities and push boundaries with photographs.   Before the advent of digital imaging I was intrigued by alternative techniques such as hand-colouring black and white prints and palladium/platinum printing. When digital became the norm, the possibilities became endless and each image was a  wet canvas awaiting for me to dip a digital brush.   
My work was always about making compelling images using photographs taken during my travels.  As I honed my digital editing skills I challenged myself to learn drawing and painting using  photographs as a starting point.  The quest took me to a place that blurs the lines between photography and painting.   When does a photograph cease to be a photograph?  
I hope that that my work is a testament to my journey and transition from black and white photography to pixel bending and colouring photographs creating unique and iconic images that challenge the very definition of what constitutes a photograph.   

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