Elias Mina

painting photographs one pixel at a time
Eli Painted by Judi Bailey


I have been a student of photography for over 40 years.  I started learning Black and White printing at Ryerson in a darkroom. It was not long after that when I became interested in studying alternate photographic techniques ranging from hand-colouring prints to making gum-dichromate prints.   Today, I am learning to digitally paint from photographs using a stylus and a tablet.

What is most remarkable is that the journey of learning never stalled or stagnated.   I feel fortunate to have participated in and witnessed the growth of this popular medium from its analog black and white roots to the remarkable achievements of digital that have surpassed all our wildest expectations.

I owe my inspiration to all my colleagues and my teachers who have so generously shared their passion and their knowledge.

My gratitude goes to my friend and colleague Judi Bailey who graciously painted the image on this page with style and panache.  We are always exploring ways in which we can collaborate.  Look for her signature on more images in the galleries.

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